Friday, September 17, 2004

The Enervate, Mr. McCutry

Frank McCutry was a star athlete, a class clown, and a 4.0 student until one day he stumbles onto internet porn. From ages 13-18, McCutry, skips school, locks himself into his room all day to watch internet porn. At age 18, he gets a mysterious e-mail from McGillisons Co. for a job offer to be a pornographic systematic reservatorist as they have monitored his downloads and noticed quite a lot of porn. He'd be perfect for the opening.

Frank McCutry becomes McGillisons Co.'s #1 pornographic systematic reservatorist. Every morning at 3:15, McGillison's Co. e-mails McCutry with a list of pornographic movies for him to analyze and send back PSR (Pornographic Systematic Reservatory) reports on each film. And McCutry's PSR reports have become vitally crucial to society.

Frank McCutry is also a lonely man. He has no family, no friends, no relationships with people of any kind. In fact, the company he works for only communicates with him via e-mails and pays him through PayPal. And because of his weird working hours and constantly viewing pornographic films, he's been through a deadening of morals and nerves, and no longer can function in a society. The pornography, basically his only account of how people interact in relationships with each other, has demented his mind. His only social contact occurs if only in his mind

Frank McCutry gets along fine, though, thanks to his imaginary friend, celebrated filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. McCutry enjoys many rapturous conversations with Kubrick as their relationships varies, through McCutry's need, between a buddy-buddy relationship, psychiatrist-patient relationship, mentor-protégé relationship, admirer-admiree relationship, etc. Some of their debates become philosophical. Some, intellectual. Often times funneling deep into some unforeseen truth.

Frank McCutry starts getting many films to PSR report that happen to star the same porn star, Kacey. McCutry starts to fall in love with Kacey. To fill his desire, McCutry starts having a relationship with Kacey. But things turn ugly as Stanley Kubrick finds out and starts hounding him. McGillison Co. therefore finds out, and can't have one of its employees dating a porn star, its a conflict of interest, and especially now that McCutry's PSR reports have been either lacking in detail or nonexistent because of his affair with Kacey. McGillison's Co. finally finds McCutry, and to avoid the surely immense punishment about to be handed down on him, McCutry commits suicide.

Frank McCutry wakes up with a dazed look on his face. He's lying with his head on the windowsill of the front seat of his car. He sees that he's on a beach. He looks out and sees the crew, the cameramen, the director. Exhausted, McCutry falls back asleep.

Frank McCutry again awakens--this time into infinity. A lone white spotlight shines on McCutry--shadowing brown boxes, boxes that contain all the memories, emotions, knowledge of McCutry’s life. Boxes are labeled SPORTS TRIVIA 1955-1984, MATH, COLLEGE, GIRLS, SPORTS TRIVIA 1985-1990, MOVIES, HAPPINESS, SAD. McCutry starts to realize what’s going on and tries to run away through the maze of the boxes, desperately trying to run back to a physical being: McCutry goes nowhere, only deeper into the black, constantly dodging around brown boxes of himself. Finally, an echoing voice calmly states:

“It’s all just a movie, Mr. McCutry. The director can make any choice he wants, Mr. McCutry. It’s just a movie.”

“No! You’re lying! No! You’re lying!”

“It can go anywhere. It can do anything. Just like life. You could make any choice you want, Mr. McCutry, and some consequence will occur as result.”

“I can go back! I can go back!”

“But unlike a movie, you can really die, Mr. McCutry, and you have to live with the guilt, just like everyone else. And you can’t not accept that, Mr. McCutry.”

“I made it all up! I made it all up!”

“Its part of the deal. You can’t live on film, Mr. McCutry, allowing others to control your life through a million choices. To control your emotions. Your thoughts. Your pain. Your pleasure. That’s not real, Mr. McCutry.”

“I’m just Frank McCutry, telling a story I wish I could have told! Something that could explain why I’m a nobody! Why I wasn’t always a nobody! I’m not a nobody! You have to believe me! You have to let me back! I made it all up! I’m just a man who lives with his parents! I’m just a man who watches a lot of pornography! Please let me back!”

“That’s a choice that you can never choose, as life will always occur, Mr. McCutry. You can’t not choose. You can’t not live. You tried, but I’m sorry, Mr. McCutry, your movie has ended, its time for you to go.”

The light goes out.